Irish Reels slot features at pin up casino

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Irish Reels is a pin up casino slot game that tells the story of the green gnome from Irish legends about the gnome guarding the pot of gold on the edge of the rainbow. This game features a golden horseshoe, four-leaf clover and all the things you'd find in a St Patrick's Day celebration.
Irish Reels pin up slot machine is a slot machine classic with nine symbols placed in a three reel machine with three rows. The game's producer is Evoplay Entertainment, which has dozens of famous games to its credit. You can play the free Irish Reels demo version, which has the same rules as the cash game, except you can't take your winnings with you in the pin up online game.

The main features of Irish Reels slots in pinup

After greeting a cheerful looking red-haired Irish gnome in pin up money, we're off to play the classic three reel version. Three symbols win if they are placed horizontally, or on one of the two diagonals. We'll play this game whether we're using a computer or a mobile phone, thanks to the fact that it appears on pinup online casino as an online Irish Reels game.
Among the features we find Autoplay with the ability to control the slot parameters in pinup casino. The midget symbol is both a wild symbol and a trigger for free spins with additional winnings multipliers. The speed at which we can play starts at 0.1 and we can control it up to the 500 level in casion india. The RTP or 'statistical return to player' in this game is 96.06%.

Slot symbols in pin-up

Although we play Irish Reels with no deposit on the pin-up casino website, sometimes we have to wait a bit to win – there's a series of a dozen or so spins without the slightest win. This slot features the following symbols:
1. Pots of gold.
2. Horseshoes and Four-leaf Clover.
3. Beer mugs and Wooden pipes.
4. Triple Bar and Double Bar.
5. Single BAR.
In addition, the dwarf himself is the wild symbol if we hit a winning line of three dwarfs in pin-up casino.

How do I play Irish Reels at pinupcasino?

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We can play Irish Reels for free thanks to the aforementioned demo at pin-up online casino, and we do not need a special password to run the game in this mode – we will play Irish Reels without logging in. Pressing the play button and befriending the red-bearded gnome takes us to a rather intuitive gameplay menu with buttons at the bottom of the screen.
We can switch the game on full screen in pin up casino online, next to which we find advanced options with settings such as sound volume or the value at which we start the automatic game and when it should stop. Moving on, we find a handy button that controls global sound on and off and a reduction in the casio india website's game animation.
In the centre of the screen on pin up casino, of course, there's a button to start the next spins. The game also has information with winnings icons as well as a detailed description of the slot, which is definitely worth reading if you want to play Irish Reels for real money in is pin up casino safe.

Irish Reels bonuses and promotions at pin-up-casino

The Irish Reels game offers a bonus in the form of the ubiquitous Irish midget on the casio website india. If we hit three dwarf symbols on the shield, extra spins are triggered, namely seven spins (the lucky Irish number). During these spins we get the following winnings multipliers each time:
First free spin = 2x
Second free spin = 3x
Third free spin = 4x
Fourth free spin = 5x
Fifth free spin = 6x
Sixth free spin = 7x
Seventh free spin = 8x.
The dwarf itself in casio india online acts as the wild symbol, while hitting three dwarfs in a line gives us a win of 100x, and the highest win when hitting 3 dwarfs in a line during the last free spin can mean a win of up to 800x.
Irish Reels slot machine is all about the Irish atmosphere of the game, from the music and sound effects to the ubiquitous jolly gnome who hides the pot of gold for us. The game can be tested entirely for free to assess whether the Irish climate is conducive to high scores at casio india official website.